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Gal Perforated Steel Sheet

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Gal Perforated metal sheet ( Only available in Melbourne )

Thickness 1.2mm, cross slot wide 3mm length 11mm.

Sheet Size 1.5m x 1.8m $149 Inc GST, Special offer $85

Pleaes inquiry if you need more details,thanks.

Manhole Barricade / Foldable Pit Guard (Only in Brisbane)

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Only Available in Brisbane

Manhole Barricade / Safety Protection Frame / Fall Protection Barrier
Foldable Pit Guard Wire Mesh
One panel 93cm high and 140cm width
$275 each set four panel Included GST

Pit Guard Wire Mesh with hut

One panel 93cm high and 140cm width

$350 each for four panel with hut Included GST

These foldable Pit Guard are ideal for pedestrian safety while undertaking construction and maintenance work,like Splicers, Cable Joiners and Cable Runners.
Pit Guard are ideal guard for pedestrian safety. This Frame / Barrier easily fit with a frame as show in the picture.