Plain Wire Galvanized 2.5mm x 1500m


Plain Wire 2.5mm

1500m per roll

Weight 58kg

$165 Each



1) Tie Wire 1.6mm Hot dipped galvanized

200 m per roll

Weight 3.4kg

$ 25 Each


2) Plain Wire 2.5mm

200m per roll

Weight 7.7kg

$44 Each


3) Plain Wire 2.5mm

500m per roll

Weight 19kg

$88 Each


4) Plain Wire 2.5mm

1500m per roll

Weight 58kg

$165 Each


5)  Plain wire 3.15mm   ( Melbourne Only)
Hot-dipped Galvanised
Length per roll:100m
Weight per roll: 6.35Kg
$40 Each

6)  Plain wire 3.15mm Hot-dipped Galvanised  (Melbourne Only)

Length per roll:500m

Weight per roll: 31.6Kg

$135 Each


7) Plain Wire 3.15mm Hot dipped Galvanized

Length per roll: 750m

Weight per roll: 47Kg

$155 Each


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