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Dog cage – for the ultimate protection of your pet.

Are you looking for a durable dog cage for sale? A dog cage is an enclosed pen used to carry dogs around. Now transport your pet safely by using compatible dog cages made from sturdy metal construction. Your pet can lay down or sleep and you can keep an eye on your dog while travelling. Train your pet by establishing a regular routine using the cage.

The dog cage in Melbourne is available in various shapes, sizes, dimensions, and colours. The cage consists of dividers to prevent your dog’s paws from slipping through. It is a safe and secure option for easy storage and you can carry the lightweight cage anywhere with you.

Get complete peace of mind by knowing where your pet is. Make your pet dog feel safe and secure in new surroundings by keeping them in a dog cage.

Want to shop for a reliable dog cage in Melbourne? Browse through our product page and discover a range of innovative cages for your pet. We assure to deliver premium quality products and accessories to assist our clients in choosing the most suitable dog cage.

At ANP Metals, we carry an extensive stock of high-quality and affordable dog cages in Australia. We have the right products to suit your every need and requirements. We understand that with so many different sizes and styles, it could be extremely difficult for you to choose the right dog cage for sale. Speak to our staff and we will help you decide which dog cage is most suited for your requirements. We offer quick delivery time all across Australia.

Benefits of using a dog cage:

  • The dog cage comes with a single-door for a hassle-free entry and exit of your pet.
  • All the products are designed to provide ventilation that improves the airflow.
  • The dog cage provides better visibility of your pet and you can keep a check on your pet.
  • Prevent accidents and build a safe and comfortable environment for your pet.
  • The cage comes with an easy to carry top handle which makes it extremely portable.
  • The dog cage is made from heavy gauge wire with rounded corners to provide a secure finish.

Now you can travel safely with your dog and include them in your family outings and trips by using a well-built dog cage. It consists of a durable plastic shell and has a non-corrodible wing-nuts that provide heavy-duty protection to your pet.

Quality dog playpen indoor

The dog playpen has a secured step-through door access for convenient storage. You can select the most suited playpen based on its dimension, design, and colour. The durable finishing provides attractive and long-lasting protection against outside environmental elements.

The dog playpen indoor is easy to set-up and does not require any special tools for assembly.

Got a new dog? No problem. Choose from our range of dog playpens and save your time and money.

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