Budget Temporary Fencing in Melbourne

Temporary fencing is installed in diverse places for a variety of applications and it can keep your site safe and secure, and increase the security level of your event. Now you can construct a building or plan events without any hassle by installing a high quality and durable fencing all around the area.

Choosing the correct fencing as per your security needs and site conditions is not just about design and style, it is about selecting durable fencing material that is easy to maintain and provides maximum security.

ANP Metals comes with years of experience in the fencing industry. We understand that the overall cost can be a huge concern when it comes to installing temporary fencing. Our experts have come up with customised temporary fencing to help our customers install fences at as lowest prices as possible.

We specialise in providing compatible and cost-effective temporary fencing for sale. If you need to protect your property or assets, then entrust us with our range of quality fencing options to suit your security needs and get our professional assistance from start to finish.

temporary fencing

Why should you install our temporary fencing for sale in Melbourne?

  • To improve the security level and keep the intruders away from the site.
  • Whether you need temporary fencing for a day or a couple of weeks, we have the tailored solutions at a reasonable price.
  • The solid chain fencing is formulated using a weather-resistant coating. It is durable as well as resilient.
  • The high temporary fencing keeps thieves and intruders away from the location.
  • The fencing can be taken down easily once you no longer need it.

Temporary fence panels for sale

Temporary fence panels are available in various shapes, sizes, and dimensions to help you install fencing around the site. The panels consist of infill mesh spacing and there are no footholds to prevent intruders from gaining access to the site. The portable temporary fences are easy to configure and transport which makes them suitable for short-term events.

Features of fence panels:

  • The fence panels are galvanised, they are also available in heavy-duty variations.
  • The fence panels are manufactured using the latest welding technology to add more strength and durability.
  • The panels are reinforced with concrete blocks that provide a high level of flexibility.
  • The galvanised coating protects the fencing against corrosion.

Your search for temporary fencing for sale in Melbourne ends here. Go through our product page and find the perfect fencing solutions for your next project. Our team will guide you throughout the installation process.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, then consult with our fencing experts. Get the latest sale-related updates subscribing to our newsletter.


Our experience doing business with ANP has been extremely good.I would come for them gain for business.



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