Weld mesh- The high-security solution.

If you are looking for long-term safety fencing solutions, then we recommend using weld mesh fencing. Security is one of the major concerns for all business owners and homeowners which is why installing high-class security fencing is important. Protect your living space from intruders and maintain the security of your premises by installing high-end weld mesh fence panels.

Weld mesh is used to build a protective fencing and other wire mesh products to suit a variety of applications and purposes. The weld mesh panels are constructed from electrically welded steel wire and are commonly used to create enclosures. Whether you want to build solid fencing around your house or want an enclosure for your pet, ANP Metals offers a range of weld mesh fence available in a variety of configurations with galvanised wire finish.

Choose the best weld mesh fence panels and build a fence in your garden or backyard. Protect your home and create a safer environment for your family and pets.

We are an Australian based company focussed on supplying the highest quality weld mesh fence and weld mesh fence panels. Our experts have hand-picked hundreds of products and offer a collection of fences and panels. We ensure to provide the best possible services to our customers. Our objective is to meet the specified requirements of safety and fencing.

Benefits of weld mesh fence:

1. Variety of options

Weld mesh is an excellent choice for security fencing material. It comes in a variety of styles, designs, and offers a complete package in terms of functionality. You can select the fence based on its thickness and dimensions. You can set it at any elevation so that it becomes impenetrable by thieves and burglars.

2. Durability

The weld mesh panels are durable and protect your land and property from intruders. The sturdy and safe design can withstand extreme weather conditions and offers several applications.

3. Solid structure

The weld mesh consists of interweaving bars present throughout the panels joined together on a fuse. The mesh does not crack or break with time. It is easy to install and can be erected on any type of surface. The weld mesh panels are adaptable and come in handy if you require the fencing to be placed for a short period of time.

4. Maximum security

The weld mesh panels require the smallest repair and maintenance. The galvanised mesh is PVC coated that provides maximum security. If you cannot find the right size panels, connect with our online experts and we will offer the most suitable product range to you.

Weld mesh sheets

Do you need weld mesh sheets to build a fence? Choose the right mesh size and sheet size, and we ensure to deliver the fencing products and materials to your doorstep within a week. The weld mesh sheets are modified based on the alloy, opening size, and wire thickness. They are available in both woven and welded construction and can be cut from rolls.

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