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Our combined efforts make a difference for businesses and communities. As partners, we can work together to be efficient and resourceful. 

We know today’s complex business trades don’t make your job simple, but our team wants to make it easier. We understand that you’re on the front lines ensuring that customers are more resilient and can make purchases more easily.

That’s why, every day, we work together with our partners to ensure our community is supported, engaged, and have efficient services and a lifetime of fence product supplies to cater to customers and businesses.

ANP METAL is an established Fence company providing affordable and quality steel fences all manufactured in China. Our main products include steel fence, rural fencing, pet cages & enclosures, panel fences, tubular fence, temporary fences and security barrier fences.

Through continuous innovation, we have reduced production cost and produced first-class quality products. At present, we are an all-in-one manufacturer, supplier, and distributor.


When you partner with ANP METALS, you gain the competitive advantage. Join our reseller network in fence supply. 

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