Pet Enclosure Panels

When buying pet enclosures, choosing the correct size is extremely important. People often buy pet panels without proper research. This results in issues and can also be detrimental to your pet’s health. Choosing the wrong size is common, especially if your pet is young and is yet to experience full growth.

While getting an estimate depending on the average growth of your pet’s breed helps, you need to know that not all pets grow the same way. Pet growth depends on a lot of factors, so choosing the correct pet enclosure size needs to be done more systematically.

If you too want to buy pet enclosure panels in Melbourne, follow the tips below to ensure the best results and a great future for your pet.

Use a size guide

Using a size guide is a sensible option while buying pet enclosures. As mentioned above, going by the estimated size of the breed is always a good idea, to begin with. However, following the other steps mentioned below is equally important. For most small breeds of dogs such as Chihuahua, Pomeranians and small Terriers, a height of up to 16 inches should be enough. Get pet enclosures of a similar length and a maximum width of 24 inches.

Medium breeds such as Beagles and Pugs can do well with pet enclosure panels as high and long as 19 inches each and a width of 30 inches. For larger breeds such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds, the height and length could be 25 inches each and a width of 40 inches should suffice. You can follow similar dimensions for cats, although large domestic cats are not as big as large domestic dogs.

Your Pet’s Posture

While choosing a pet enclosure panel size for your fully-grown animal, ensure it is standing in the correct posture. Measure all the dimensions only when your dog or cat is standing on all its four feet, with its head and tail pointed upwards.

If your animal is not standing in the correct posture during measurement, the pet panel size is bound to be measured wrongly. This will make your pet struggle after a while, which is why following these steps is all the more important.

Your Pet’s Lying Posture

Let your pet lie down in various postures and measure the maximum dimensions. Most domestic pets take different sleeping positions, but knowing the maximum stretch is important to choose the correct size of the pet enclosure panel in Melbourne.

Enough space to turn around

Your pet must be able to move around freely in the pet enclosure panel. A thumb rule you could follow is to have enough space to accommodate one pet of a similar size on each side of your pet. Let the width of the pet enclosure panel be at least thrice the maximum stretch of your pet, while the length should be at least twice its maximum stretch in a lying position.

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