snake fence

Australia is well known for its wide variety of snakes, and this can be troublesome for households in the Outback as well as in cities. A snake-proof fence mesh is the best solution to keep your property and its inhabitants safe. But what really is the ideal height for a snake fence to make it effective against attacks?

If you are looking for sales on barbed wire fencing, we have you covered. But knowing the ideal height is equally important. Here are a few things you need to know before deciding on the ideal height of a snake-proof fence mesh for your property:

  • Protect the base first: No matter how high your fence is, just remember that snakes will always find a way around (or under) your fence. Bury the base of your snake-proof fence mesh in a concrete barrier. Cover the base with concrete.
  • Remove surrounding elements: There might be a few constructions or natural elements besides your snake-proof fence mesh that might help the snake climb. Even if it is a medium-sized bush, rock or tree branch, it needs to be trimmed down.
  • Choose the right material: A wooden snake-proof fence mesh isn’t such a bad idea if you maintain it frequently. The wood needs to be pressure-treated and seal-treated for best results. A vinyl snake fence is another great option as the surface provides less grip.

Now, let us talk about the ideal height for your snake-proof mesh. If you use a smooth-steel snake-proof fence mesh of the ideal height, you can be assured of avoiding a snake attack. To decide the ideal height, you need to know a few things:

  • For a smooth surface without support, a snake can climb an average height of one-third of its total body length. The snake would need a base to jump and climb further, and that cannot be done without using the back half of its body.
  • For safety purposes, we must always add a buffer height to the snake-proof fence mesh. So, an ideal mesh height would be half the height of the snake.
  • The largest snake in Australia is the Australian Scrub Python. While it can attain heights of up to 26 feet, on average an adult would be as tall as 20 feet.

A rattlesnake could grow as tall as 8 feet, while many other Australian snakes could grow taller. So, here are the suggested snake-proof fence mesh heights depending on the snakes that are most prevalent in your area. While going for extra height is always recommended, also keep the fence proportionate to your wall and gate height.

  • Rattlesnake and other snakes of similar heights: Three-and-a-half to four feet.
    • Coastal Taipan, King Brown or Olive Python: Five to eight feet.
    • Australian Scrub Python: Ten feet.
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